{Responsibility Name} is not a valid responsibility for the current user…

When assigning web-based (i.e. Self-Service-style) responsibilities to your applications user account, and then trying to navigate immediately to that responsibility, this error often appears.

For example…

“Tax Managers is not a valid responsibility for the current user. Please contact your System Administrator”

To resolve this issue, you must clear the applications cache, or bounce the Apache server.

To clear the cache:
Resp:   Functional Administrator
Nav:     Core Services > Caching Framework > Global Configuration > Clear All Cache

Profile Options Used By OA Personalization Framework (see Metalink 275876.1)

Log on using the System Administrator responsibility.

The Profile Options used by the OA Personalization Framework (see Metalink Note 275876.1), are as follows:

1. Disable Self-service Personal (FND_DISABLE_OA_CUSTOMIZATIONS)

2. FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled (FND_PERSONALIZATION_REGION_LINK_ENABLED)

3. Personalize Self-service Defn (FND_CUSTOM_OA_DEFINTION)

4. FND:OA:Enable Defaults

5. FND: Developer Mode

6. FND: Disable Partial Page Rendering

7. FND: Diagnostics (FND_DIAGNOSTICS)  to enable “About This Page” link

8. Self Service Accessibility Features (ICX_ACCESSIBILITY_FEATURES) for configurable pages

For more information about the “About” Page, refer to the Discovering Page,
Technology Stack and Session Information section in the Testing and Debugging
chapter of the Oracle Application Framework Developer’s Guide.