R12 Banks, Branches and Bank Accounts

SELECT hp.party_name                    BANK_NAME
,      hop.organization_name            BANK_BRANCH_NAME
,      hop.bank_or_branch_number        BRANCH_SORT_CODE
,      ieba.masked_bank_account_num     BANK_ACCT_MASKED
,      ieba.bank_account_num            BANK_ACCT
FROM   hz_parties                       hp
,      hz_organization_profiles         hop
,      iby_ext_bank_accounts            ieba
WHERE  hp.party_type(+) = 'ORGANIZATION'
AND    hop.party_id(+) = ieba.branch_id
AND    hp.party_id(+) = ieba.bank_id
AND    NVL(hp.status(+),'X') = 'A'
AND    NVL(hop.effective_end_date(+),SYSDATE + 1) > SYSDATE
AND    ieba.bank_account_num = '20286184'

And account owners…

FROM   iby_account_owners
WHERE  ext_bank_account_id = 48586

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