Personalise the Oracle Applications R12 Login Page to include client logos, etc.

Some of the regions on the standard Oracle Applications Login Page can be personalised to give the page a client-specific look-and-feel.

The areas that can be personalised are outlined and numbered 1 to 5 in the screenshot below:

To personalise these regions, assign your applications user the Functional Administrator responsibility.

Under the Functional Administrator responsibility, navigate to the “Personalization” tab, and enter the following string in the “Document Path” field:


…which corresponds to the XML definition of the Login Page. Then click on “Go”.

In the results table, click on the “Personalize Page” icon for the above Doc Name.

Ensure that the “Site” checkbox is ticked and then click “Apply”.

In the “Personalization Structure” page region, click on “Expand All”.

The numbered areas in the screenshot above can be found in the list of objects on this page, as follows:

  1. Image: (corporateBrandingImage)   /OA_MEDIA/FNDSSCORP.gif
  2. Image    topLines.gif
  3. Image: globalTop image   globalTop.jpg
  4. Image: global image   global.jpg
  5. Image: people image   people.jpg

The default filenames, shown in blue, are the ones that appear in the screenshot, and can all be found in the $OA_MEDIA directory on the applications server.

In order to personalize the Login Page, you can create your own versions of these images, using the same file names prefixed with the client initials (e.g. DTFNDSSCORP.gif). These files should be copied to the $OA_MEDIA directory.

To personalise region #1, click on the Pencil icon in the “Personalize” column for the “ Image: (corporateBrandingImage)” item.

Find the “Image URI” attribute, and type the following in the field in the “Site” column: “DTFNDSSCORP.gif”. Then click “Apply”.

This can be repeated for the remaining four image objects.

Note: the standard “ORACLE” corporateBrandingImage which appears at the top-lefthand corner of all OA Framework (“Self-Service pages”) can be replaced with a custom image by specifying the name of the custom image file (e.g. DTFNDSSCORP.gif) in the “Corporate Branding Image for Oracle Applications” profile option at Site level.

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