The links located at the top-righthand corner of all OA Framework pages (“Home”, “Logout”, “Preferences”, etc.) belong to the standard Self Service Global Menu (ICX_STANDARD_GLOBAL_MENU). The links are defined as functions in this menu, and are outside of the Personalization framework.

The setup can be examined as follows…

Resp: Application Developer
Nav: Application > Menu

…and query back the ICX_STANDARD_GLOBAL_MENU entry.

The menus assigned to “Self-Service” responsibilities all have the  ICX_STANDARD_GLOBAL_MENU added as a sub-menu.

For example, see the XDO_TEMPLATE_MANAGER menu, assigned to the XML Publisher Administrator responsibility:

R12 Payables Open Interface Import profile option

Because of the extra layer (“Lines”) in the R12 AP invoices data model, the Payables Open Interface (POI) will create invoice line level DFF values by default.

In R11, the invoice distribution-level DFF was populated by the POI.

To create invoice distribution level DFF values in R12, the following profile option should be set to “Yes”:

AP: Copy Invoice Lines Flex field to Distributions during Import