Enable detailed BC4J logging in JDeveloper

To view detailed log-messaging in JDeveloper’s “Embedded OC4J Server – Log” window, do the following in JDeveloper 10g:

1. In the Applications Navigator, right click on the Project and select Project Properties.
2. Select Run/Debug.
3. Select Default in the “Run Configurations” window, and click on the Edit button.
4. In the Launch Settings window,  add the following parameter to the string in the Java Options field:


5. Click on OK.
6. Rebuild the project and run again to see the OC4J runtime debug information in JDeveloper’s Server Log window.

BI (XML) Publisher: how to solve character-related problems

Check the following Metalink Note:

Specific Special Characters Are Not Getting Printed In Pdf Output Format From XML Publisher Reports [ID 1283873.1]

The fonts required to publish the special characters may be missing, or some specific patches for the XDOPARSER need to be installed to handle certain special characters.

Check the database and session settings:

FROM   nls_database_parameters


FROM   nls_session_parameters

…in case a character set is being used which doesn’t contain the problem character (e.g. the pound sign).