Generate a trace file for a concurrent program

See also:

Metalink Note: 296559.1

Metalink Note: 130182.1

Check the “Enable Trace” flag on the Concurrent Program > Define screen, and then run the program.

Find the trace file on the database server,using the follwoing SQL:

SELECT prog.executable_id
, execname.executable_id
, request_id
, oracle_process_id
, req.enable_trace
, dest.value||’/’||lower(dbnm.value)||’_ora_’||oracle_process_id||’.trc’ AS TRACE_FILE
, prog.user_concurrent_program_name
, execname.execution_file_name
, execname.subroutine_name AS EXEC_FILENAME
, DECODE(phase_code,’R’,’Running’)||’-‘||DECODE(status_code,’R’,’Normal’) AS STATUS
, ses.sid||’,’||ses.serial# AS SID_SERIAL
, ses.module
FROM fnd_concurrent_requests req
, v$session ses
, v$process proc
, v$parameter dest
, v$parameter dbnm
, fnd_concurrent_programs_vl prog
, fnd_executables execname
WHERE req.request_id = :request
AND req.oracle_process_id=proc.spid(+)
AND proc.addr = ses.paddr(+)
AND req.concurrent_program_id = prog.concurrent_program_id
AND req.program_application_id = prog.application_id
–AND prog.application_id = execname.application_id
AND prog.executable_id=execname.executable_id


FROM v$parameter
WHERE name = ‘user_dump_dest’

TKPROF the trc file, to generate readable output (using the 10g version of tkprof – run . db):

tkprof trc_file output_file sort='(prsela,fchela,exeela)’ print=10

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