FND Debug Logging

1. In the System Profile Options screen, query all FND: Debug Log profile options and set the following at user-level:

FND: Debug Log Enabled = ‘Yes’
FND: Debug Log Level = ‘Statement’
FND: Debug Log Module = ‘%’   (or limit the string to your conc program name, for example)

2. Save these changes and run your process in Oracle Applications.

3. When the process completes, interrogate the log messages table:

SELECT log_sequence
,      module
,      message_text
FROM   fnd_log_messages
WHERE  user_id = 13334
ORDER BY log_sequence ASC

4. In order to write to the log messages table from a PL/SQL program, use:

fnd_log.STRING (fnd_log.level_statement,MODULE NAME,MESSAGE TEXT);

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